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Icona has won us over with speed, availability, and software efficiency. For a company like ours, with 200 sales points and E-commerce platform, it’s a great help having someone there to follow you step by step, enabling you to focus on the core business of the company.

Riccardo Andreoli - Head of eCommerce


The attention Icona paid to acknowledging and implementing the suggestions made by Salvagnini in terms of "it would be nice to have…" was a determining factor in the final decision: we didn't just discuss "bug fixing", but also the development of features and functions.

Mauro Maranzan - Service Manager


Icona has implemented the technology needed by Intit to create an outstanding support service and helped us to create customised KPIs in order to measure the quality of service over time.

Rosa Luce Cancro - Marketing


A winning factor is the direct contact that we’ve been able to recieve, and the opportunity to develop the best solution together, starting by agreeing on Usability choices. Icona is a partner who really addresses a problem, doing so much more than just providing a standard solution.

Fabrizio Ostizio - Customer Service Manager


about us

We produce software, provide expertise, share experience and treasure relationships

Our corporate mission is to bring excellence and innovation to the world by applying curiosity, pursuing quality, listening to our customers and bringing simplicity to everyday business.

Above all, our proposal is based on our experience combined with our services, which are characterized by exceptional usability and excellent performance, which translates into simplification of work for operators, increased productivity, and easier data analysis management.


ICONA is launched by a group of university students, whose main goal was to develop and expand as a software factory, designing and create solutions for the most innovative and open sectors of the market.


C6, the first Italian Instant Messaging system that allows users to communicate in text and audio/video chat, is issued for Telecom Italia The service had more than 5,000,000 registered users with peaks of more than 28,000 users enjoying the service at the same time.


All the Instant Messaging services of the main Italian sites were based on Icona's OFS (Online Framework Services) technology: "Hello I'm Here" (“Ciao Sono Qui”) by CiaoWeb, "Talk-talk" by Tiscali and chats by Infostrada and Kataweb.


Livecare Contact is born, a telephone solution integrated with Alcatel's centres, creating Call Centres, designed to facilitate relationships and management of call flows with customers through the use of a telephone board system.


Livecare Support, Icona's teleassistance service, is born, enabling technicians to remotely access Pcs and Servers of Clients, and help them in training and assistance activities.


Contact Manager is born. This is the multi-channel ticketing application designed for companies looking to manage assistance requests through e-mail in a more efficient way by associating the user's request with a quick and profiled operator response.


Livecare All-In-One is born, a package of integrated solutions for medium-sized Italian companies. Company telephony, Call and Contact Center services, CRM for ticket management and remote assistance. All integrated in one solution.


The realization of native iOS and Android app projects begin through direct contracts and partnerships with some of the most well-known system integrators of the Italian IT market, developing web application design and instant communication systems.


In order to create specific proposals for different market needs, the different aspects of our proposal became more distinguished: Livecare Contact for the Contact Center proposal, Livecare Support for remote teleassistance, Contact Manager for ticketing.


A new corporate structure of the company is implemented as well as a new business model; the development of apps and web applications is put aside, for Icona to be able to focus on the development and marketing of its own software solutions.


Acty (Always Close To You), the remote assistance solution is born. This enables people to provide video assistance for machinery and factory plants, incorporating innovative technologies such as Augmented Reality and the use of Smart Glasses.


Deskoala, an evolution of Contact Manager, is born, incorporating all the experience gained over the years from its predecessor. It’s designed with the aim of becoming the go-to reference ticketing platform for Italian market.


The year of change. The company decides to standardize communication, company logos and solutions, embarking on a path to define the new Icona brand and portfolio software services, proclaiming an identity that respects our mission and values.

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